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HPT Benefit Soiree

• What and when is the event?  I’m planning something like a benefit soiree with the main objective being to raise awareness and funds for the Hall Pass Tour, as well as engage our primary target group through a fun night of music, food, and community. (What do you think is a proper title for this?) We have no set date but the event is scheduled for next spring/summer.                                                       


• Who are the decision makers/ Who has the money (are there sponsors)?  I’m the lead planner and decision maker for this event. I’m currently generating a list of potential sponsors (corporate, local, and individual), from which the bulk of the funding for this event will come. I’m also thinking of ways the HPT team might be able to raise money on their own.


• What is your budget?  We currently have no money or budget for this event. Our network of venue owners, artists, brand ambassadors, etc will be key in producing the program.


• What do you want it to look like? Our guests will range from pre-teens to potential funders. I’d like to marry the excitement a teen would expect with the sophistication a funder would expect. To do this, I feel the best approach for us will be to offer our teens the posh, mature experience. For example: a mocktini bar instead of a juice/soda station. Beyond that, I’d like the space to look modern yet visually engaging.


• What are things that cannot move?  Once artists and special guests are booked, the event date for sure. As for major points during the event, I’ll know this once we finalize the program.


• What will make it yours? Keeping in mind the lightness of the event and tour’s mission (access/ higher education), I have these ideas: (i) invite colleges (and this can be included in a sponsor package) to host exciting info stations about their institutions. (ii) Have pop up booths where some of the team like our photographer or videographer share fun tips about taking the best shots, etc. (iii) Have the HPT team learn a quick dance to the IT song of the moment and do it in the crowd during the party (think flash mob).


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