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Joseph Echavarria

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Hey guys, I am Joseph E. from Houston, Texas. You can find me on IG @joseph.ech 
These photos were shot with either my Iphone or Nikon D3100 and edited on the VSCO app. 
Check out my photos and let me know what you think! 

Theres always a story behind the person, place, or thing in the photo. This guy is always at the park when I pass by and most people don't even pay attention to what he's playing. I got to sit down and actually listen to him play. Why does he do it? I have no idea but from the sounds that come out of his sax, you know hes doing it because he loves it. 

Most buildings in downtown have a curtain wall system which is pretty cool when you want nice reflections but the Chase building gave me a different perspective on the sky. Seeing that the only spots that were showing true reflections were the windows, what if the sky was pixelated? If it were I think it would look something like this. 

I go out on bike rides every now and then and this intersection caught my eye. You have downtown Houston in the background with a pretty busy intersection in the South East side of town at around 11pm. All the motion and movement with a static bicycle and the buildings in the background just looked right to me. 

This was actually one of the first times I had ever gone out at night and gone up onto buildings to take photos. The more modern buildings contrasting with the church on the bottom made for an interesting composition and the light shinning on the left made it seem as if someone was shinning a super bright light out of the window (there was actually a light post right on the outside of the photo and the glare kind of got caught in the picture). 


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