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For my piece, I chose a quote from Frank Underwood in "House of Cards."

Frank Underwood is a powerful, ruthless, and straightforward person (at least while breaking the fourth wall talking to the audience in the episodes... not at all with any of the characters). 

I think the best types of fonts for him would be serif fonts. Something to compliment the way he talks, acts, and and carries himself. 

Here is a photo with the quote I found for inspiration:

I really love the way this is laid out. I want to use a refined typeface for one of the fonts, and maybe something a little less unrefined for the other font. For the first font, I think I might go with 'Athelas.' It's from Adobe Typekit, I'm unsure if it was in the original font package for After Effects, as I have downloaded/bought many, many fonts from the internet. 

The second unrefined font would represent the true side to Frank Underwood. He is a ruthless sociopath, who will do anything to come out on top and get his way. Perhaps the second type might be sans-serif after all. 

In my next post I'll have some style frames so you can see some of my ideas for layout.

I'm a motion graphics designer, and after watching the first segment of videos, I've felt I've learned so much. I'm very excited to get further along this project and implement the skills that are being taught. 


So I have some style frames here of the text that will be on at around the same time.

I chose a serif font to show that Frank is trying to be refined.

Throughout the quote, you can see the slightly unrefined (or sans-serif fonts) peeking through.

At the end of the quote, it is obvious that the inner monster has revealed itself.

These are just the initial style frames, and the fonts/layout may change. I'm still working to make the type a bit different from the reference image, although I want it to be the animation that stands out the most and make it unique.

I have still yet to incorporate additional elements and images to the style frames. I need to think a bit harder on this.


I'm still playing around with placement and color. I have added the signature flag from House of Cards in the background, as well as changed some color text around. 

I'm thinking of the ways I can animate this without it looking "happy" or "upbeat." A lot of Kinetic Type seems to be that way. I'm going to look around a bit more and experiment with placement. I added a blood spatter effect the the last page. The spatter will appear halfway though him saying the word "hunted," as he enuciated quite firmly.

Here are some more screen shots:


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