HOTspacing | Skillshare Projects

Stephen Bentley

Social Entrepreneur




Unit 1:


Pitch:  HOTspacing is the online marketplace that connects creative spaces with creative people. Think Storefront, with Airbnb with Eventbrite = HOTspacing to help you launch your MVPop-up.


Problem: Major issues facing pop-up starters are dealing with complicated legal contracts, inflexible lease agreements, and overall difficulty finding affordable unique venue space. HOTspacing streamlines the entire process of 1. Finding space, 2. Rent event space 3. Launch your MVP.

Unit 2: Customer interviews: The 3 biggest holes in HOTspacing


1. Prove the Market need  & Profitability: business model with STATS/Trends.

2. Prove Business model & Risk mgmt: not lucrative enough for Hosts ($)? Insurance risks ($)?

3. Prove Marketing channels: How will it be marketed? not well promoted enough (promo) advertising*****


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