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HOTFISH Social Media Lab

Hotfish is an social media agency in Mexico City, our goal is to teach and help organization to reach their audience in a human, transparent and social way.

The main porpuse for us, is to take every information around the industry of our client, and used it not to be known, but to be loved.

Our bussiness model is creat small teams that include graphic designers, community managers and comminucation people, every team has a small limit of accounts to manage in order to make them close to every one, and for them to be easy to feal a close relationship with our client. It is important to know how much we can sell with this team vs how much does the team cost. 

Our main asset is knowledge, people with good social media taste.

The small teams need to have freedome and autonomy from other teams, my job is to manage teams across organization, always be breaking the system, bringing more great people to form teams and learning and sharing everything I can with all people in our organization.

Been said that people is our best asset, i job should be focused on human resources department, nad because we dont have one yet, I act as the head of HR, and spend a lot of time teaching and helping our team and motivating them.


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