HOPPY HOLIDAYS | Skillshare Projects

Ryan Bubnis

Illustrator / Artist




I wanted to use this class as an opportunity to create a fun greeting card with an emphasis on hand lettering.

I’ve chosen the phrase, “Hoppy Holidays” because I like beer, frogs, hops and grasshoppers. I thought I could do some interesting things with the hops and vines and somehow incorporate that into my lettering, flourishes, etc. A bit cheesy I know, but I think I can bring a unique style and voice to the project.

Looking forward to making stuff with everyone!

Got some sketching of my thumbs done and think I've decided on a composition. I've been struggling to get my letters right. Want to make sure they're consistant and solid before going any further. Creating consistamt letters on a slant isn't easy! I'll keep going until I get it right.

Had a chance to work on my card over the weekend but didn't get a chance to post any of my progress. I drew my letters over and over until I got them right. I've mainly been working on my card in pieces and compiling all my hand drawn elements digitally. Because of the application and format of my final greeting card (its small 5" x7") I decided to simplify and focus on the type, some hops and I will also include my grasshopper illustration.

Scanned and brought my linework into photoshop and continued to tweak my letters until I thought they were solid. Printed them out so I could add other design elements to my type. Wanted to play off the "hops" theme and decided to make my type the color of a nice, hoppy, craft beer. Created some textures and brought them in.

Hand drew some "wheat beer" design elements  to add to my type. I also created a border and some hop illustration pieces.

Scanned, cleaned up, colorized and added the wheat and dots to my type.

Brought in my hops and also created a wispy vine as well as more wheat elements to help highlight my type.

Getting closer. Now to finish up my grasshopper illustration!

I got my Hoppy Holiday cards printed!

Some of you guys had mentioned wanting to get some. You can get them here:



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