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PROMOTION - With the promotional aspect you want your audience to feel good about supporting your product. Depending on what promotion we select, we will get HOPES name and image out to the people of Alamance county. I believe this to be one of the three Ps that is most important because without promotions, it is difficult for HOPE to expand throughout the Elon community. People are much more likely to help fund hope if theres something in it for them. Through are fundraising ideas, our intentions are for the University community to see what we're all about and why their support is important.

PLACEMENT - It's all about finding the right spot for the product. We want to select hope certified restaurants that support our cause and care about the local community. We want to put the HOPE brand in places where it will get the most attention and therefore the most donations.

PERSISTENCE - There are so many local non-profit organazations, it is hard to stand out from the others. The only way HOPE will take off and grow is if the Elon community and the HOPE team keeps at it. You always have to be proactive in promoting your idea and selling it to local citizens. The more they hear about it, the more inclined they would like to be a part of it. 8 HOPE certified restaurants is good, but 50 is better. They only way to move forward is to keep persisting. You want your passion to be contagious and for the Alamance county region to buy into the project.


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