A thought that came up for me while listening to this conversation was the idea of HOMO CREATIVUS.

My thought is that we are all as humans evolved to be creative. It almost angers me that society today only sees certain individuals as being creatives and only giving a few of them credit and salary for it. I feel it is of huge importance to all of ours sense of self worth and sense of autonomy that we all feel we have the power to create our own lives.

So anyway, I googled HOMO CREATIVUS and of course it alredy exists as a concept - a really good thing right!

I still think it might be my new north star to make sure I live life as a full time HOMO CREATIVUS and also try to empower others into seeing all of our innate capabilities as creators of our own lives. Of course taking into consideration how we all start out with differing backgrounds and conditions... 

I also feel an urge to paint a portrait of this HOMO CREATIVUS soon to manifest her into reality! 

Tove Gulliksson
Zero waste artist in the making