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So obviously I needed to address the cords and cables. I kept telling myself that I didn't mind them hanging down, that it kept the space feeling real. WOW, was I ever wrong. Visually I love how clean the bookshelf looks now that all the cords are hidden. Thank you, Justina, for showing me the light.

Another switch I made was changing up the order of the Duplo box and Little People farm set. I realized after looking at my first styling attempt I placed the Duplo box right below the stack of puzzles - rectangle on top of rectangle. Just by simply moving the silo below the puzzles made that corner of the bookshelf look more interesting.

And lastly I added my cute little owl planter on top of the stack of books on the grown-up shelf. He looks so cute perched up there and added that bit of interest and life that was missing.

Man, I love how it turned out. The majority of what is on this bookshelf are heirlooms, and it makes me so happy to see the things that have been passed down to me from loved ones that are gone. It always takes me some time to adjust to having their belongings, but now with my bookshelf looking like this I feel like I am honoring them and their things.  


I'm so over the color of our bedroom walls, but I won't be painting it for another month or so. Another very boring shot.


Yay! This class gave me the motivation I needed to finally paint my bedroom white. I like it so much better than the blueish gray. Back to my bed, I changed out the bedding to our spring/summer quilt that my Grammy made. This is my husbands side of the bed, so I added the books that he likes and the bowl of treasures from our travels. The lamp belonged to my parents and the little skier was my dad's. It's appropriate that it sits on my husband's side table. He loves skiing as much as my dad did. The flower's came from my garden. And lastly, I added the flokati rug that belonged to my grandparents for texture.


I'm killing two birds with one stone here. Plain Jane, I know.


This table is huge. It measures in at 5 feet by 2.5 feet. Probably 90% of what we own was passed down to us from my parents and grandparents. And although a smaller table would probably work better in our space I'm determined to use these heirlooms and just deal. The color palette throughout our home is primarily wood, black, red, green, and pops of yellow. I added the much needed rug below the coffee table to make it feel more cozy. The tray and planter are both copper. I planted the red floweres in my great-grandfather's sugar dish. In the book stacks I have something for all of us - outdoor/adventure books for my husband, design books for me, and children's books for my little guy. The two sculptural pieces are antique wood blocks. Lastly, I poured a drink for myself because this is where I truly relax.


I didn't have too many pillows to work with so I just went with what I had on hand. The couch is Room & Board, the solid pillows are Ikea, and the cardinal pillow was made by my grandma. I like having a throw on hand in case it's a little chilly. This one I picked up ages ago in Nepal. Man, I really hope to keep the couch this way. It feels so much more homey and I love how the shape of the throw works with the large round copper tray. 


This could look a lot better considering it's the first thing you see when entering our home. The second photo gives contex for the space.


This piece is another family heirloom. It belonged to my grandparents. The two stools below it were also theirs and for as long as I can remember they kept the stools below the console. In my mind they all go together. Not to mention it is the perfect place to store the extra seating. The front of our home is completely open. When you walk in the door to the left you see the living room, directly across is the console, and to the right is the dining area and kitchen.

My needs for the console were pretty straight forward. I needed a place that accomodates extra lighting and seating and a place to drop our keys, phones, and mail. The pieces I haven't inherited I've mostly found thrifting. That's where I picked up the mid century hobnail lamp, the yellow enamel dish I use as a catch-all, and the little owl planter. The photos above the console were a wedding present given to my parents and the two photos to the right are my grandparents. I thought it was appropriate that they found a home here.



Clearly our bookshelf is the hub of the living room. This is another teak piece I inherited from my parents. You can see in the before shot I wasn't really trying too hard to style it. I'm so glad I'm taking this course. It really gave me the motivation to fix all the things that have been bothering me.

We have a two-year-old and his needs rank right up there with the adults of the house when thinking about how to use this space. Things have to be accessible to him and kept at a height he can reach. You can see in the before photo how I had the books jammed in as tightly as I could get them. It was driving me crazy not to mention I heard my little guy grunting the other day trying to pull one out. Oops! Now I've sorted them by color and lowered his puzzels. The ones not out are now stored in the closed cabinet below the tv. As far as the rest of his toys I've kept them at arms' reach. I happen to love vintage little people almost as much as my little guy, so I don't mind having the barn, A-frame, and wagoneer out. And I have to say I kind of love the color of the box the Duplos come in.

As for the rest of the bookshelf, the bottom right cabinet is for record storage. Above it we naturaly have our stereo equipment. I finally added color to the curio cabinet. That had been driving me crazy for a while. And I felt adding the plants, bling, and keeping everything symetrical at the top made the speakers dissapear a bit. Oh, and adding more plants above our tv magically had made it less prominent too. People have actually asked us if we even have a tv.


NEEDS - This space is for hanging out by the fire, relaxing, and maybe you can do a little reading if you want. There is a comfortable couch and chair with coffee and side tables to rest your drinks on. And there is a great reading lamp beside the chair for doing a crossword puzzel or reading a favorite book.

SHAPE - They balanced the straight lines of the sectional with an oval coffee table. And as you look at the accessories the straight lines of the books, side table, and framed artwork are balanced by the sculptures, skulls, and vases.

COLOR - The pallete is green and white with dark wood/black accents. I especially love how the green is carried through from the botanical print to the mushroom side table and all the way back to the vases in the next room.

PATTERN - The botanical print on the couch looks great with the more geometric pillow on the chair. They are very different from one another, but the ocher pillow compliments the different shades of green beautifully.

TEXTURE - There are so many great textures going on here from the brick wall, to the sheepskin throw on what looks like a velvet upholstered chair, and the raw wood side table.

PLACEMENT - One of my favorite vinettes is the stack of books that is roughly the same hight as the raw wood side table. Visually I see two of the same thing and yet they are so very different. This room also has two symetrical skulls, a vinette of two framed pieces of art next to a small sculpture, two sculptures side by side, and a trio of vases in the other room.

BLING - It appears that the sconce above the mantel has a little bling as well as the reading lamp. And of course there is that amazing gold sculpture.

BOTANICALS - That couch! Hello, beautiful. Even though it is upholstery it adds so much life to the room. And as far as live botanicals go it looks like there might be something in one of the vases in the other room.


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