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HOLYCOW! Organic Milk to benefit Holyoke's Community

HolyCow! is organic milk made by Holyoke's community farming projects, giving back part of the profit to the community.

This was a student project I worked on at AIB, although I have other projects that I might use in this class later.

I invision partnering with Holyoke's Nuestras Raices, a grassroots campaign that uses food for social change. They do not currently have a dairy farm, so that would be one goal.

I also imagined part of the profits going towards Our Lady of Guadellupe Parish, because I was a young child when my church was burned down on a Sunday night by an act of arson (so you can't blame me for loosing faith). But the community around the church was devastated, and the school had to be shut down with students displaced to other schools and the church merged with another location and formed a new parish.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Thanks for looking - KCG


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