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HMWD Monogram

My wife is currently pregnant with our second child, a little boy, and his initials match up fairly well with his 2-year-old big sister's initials. They both have first names that start with H, and her middle name starts with M, while his starts with a W. A few weeks ago, I was playing around with the letters on our chalk board refridgerator, and I came up with the idea for a monogram that combined both.

A few days ago I sketched my idea in my notebook.

I quickly decided that I didn't want to curve the H to mirror the curve of the D, so I fixed that when I traced over the original sketch.

I hastily inked the traced sketch to prep it for scanning. I wasn't too worried about the quality of the inking because I planned on using shapes to create the letter forms once I was in Illustrator.

It took me a little while to figure out the best way to unify all the letters with the outer circle, but after some trial and error, I get everything together in one vector.


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