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Erin Prah

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HIIT Timer

I have really gotten into high intensity interval training (or HIIT) and I have found that you can reap all of the "exercise high" and physical benefits of a traditional cardio workout through these sessions.

However, when I attempt these workouts at home, it can be a cluncky process trying to time myself with the iPhone stopwatch app. I have to peer over to see if I'm nearing 30 seconds or one minute so that I know to stop it and then restart it for a 30-second resting period between exercises, for example.

I would like to create an app that lets you set up your HIIT workout routine schedule and then the app alerts you of the time changes through some kind of sound. These alerts would mean that you wouldn't have to keep checking your phone to know when to move to the next part of the workout, but instead can seamless move from one exercise into a rest period and back into an exercise. 

An example would be: I'm going to perform a 7-minute HIIT routine. It consists of 12 exercises, each performed for 30 seconds, with ten seconds of rest in between each exercise -- for a total of 7 minutes. By programming my app to these specifications, I would receive "rest alert" after the first 30 seconds, and then an "exercise alert" aloud, from my phone, so that I can move into the next portion of the workout hands free. 

Potentially syncing it with playlists on your iPhone could also be an option.


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