HG Monogram

HG Monogram - student project

Well, off to a late start, but here's what I've been sketching -- trying to think about modifying fonts, and/or shapes to fill, mostly. This logo should represent my best work, as I plan to use it for my design portfolio, but what I have so far looks a little high-school homeroom doodle-grade.

I guess I am trying for a playful look - I try not to take myself super seriously - but I also want to at least appear to be a professional adult. I need some brutal feedback and/or gentle guidance!

HG Monogram - image 1 - student project

Ok, here's what I've been playing with so far:

HG Monogram - image 2 - student project

Another update, taking feedback into account but also switching the direction of the flourishes (on a dark gray, as they will probably be on my site, so they're fully visible):

HG Monogram - image 3 - student project

This is how it would work on white, though (with roughening added too; I know, I'm all over the place!)

HG Monogram - image 4 - student project