HEY NERDY - student project

Hey guys!

My name is Juan Luis. I am and live in a beautiful city called Morelia in México.

HEY NERDY - image 1 - student project

I started a brand called HEYNERDY almost one year ago and here´s a brief story about it...

When i was 14 years old i discovered something that changed my life completly, Punk Rock.

The punk community taught me that it was ok to be who i was, no matter what people thought about it, no matter of much fun people made about who i was, the things i liked doing and thinking.

I had a punk rock band for many years, toured in México, the US and Canadá, and had so much fun doin it.

One of my favorite things about touring was selling merch !!!!

Being my self, being proud of it and happy with life became an addictive feeling !!! Getting "ordinary" people talking and making fun of my different lifestyle became an addictive feeling too...

So that´s how i started HEYNERDY, as a way for letting people know that is ok to be different, to be authentic and to be honest and proud about ourselves.

I´m not a designer or an ilustrator, but i believe in tshirts as a way of screaming to the world who you are and what you believe in.

Simple and fun is good !!!

I hope we have a rad time hanging together learning from Mr. De Lorenzo...