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Finalizing the design. It would've been better to work for some real client in this case but I had fun messing with the Hell blast imaginary brand. The class was really inspirational and I don't know if you guys are designers in real working life, but all the work I saw was awesome!!! I'm still studying and trying to get there! Cheers.

_____________________Finalizing. Noticed that there's no time for making the prints in real life. Disappointed.

New oneee.... sigh

New sketches.. more illustrative way. Still lots of work to do.

Still sketching.. slowly getting there. Huge update coming soon!

Trying to achieve some simplicity. Printed on a bottle.Trying to simplify the whole thing..

Trying to take new approach to the whole design.

Here are first 2 sketches about the final label. Still got huge amount of work and developing ahead but I think I got the idea of the final result in my head alredy! Cheers.


Time for a real project.

I am going to design a label for a nonexisting brand "HELL BLAST". It's going to be bottle label for a chili/habanero sauce. Logo and the rest of the design are supposed to be pretty grim but still funny. Let's see.. might be that everything changes.

Here's small moodboard and first sketches..



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