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HEG Clothing

Brand Name: HEG Clothing

Slogan: "Hauptsache es glitzert"

Owner/ Designer: Marco Prüfer

Founded in June  2013 in Berlin, Germany!


HEG Clothing

The Story:

HEG Clothing!

Hauptsache Es Glitzert!

HEG is a lifestyle brand for women and girls that dont take themselves too seriously. The brand name HEG is derived from one simple German sentence (we are based in Germany): Hauptsache es glitzert.

This sentence means something like: Essentially it sparkles.

How did we come up with this? I was in a mall with my girlfriend, and as all girls, she liked almost all shitty shirts and bags, as long as they were shiny, sparkling and gold.

My reaction was this: "If it sparkles, girls like it, is that right?" And with this, I discovered a hidden secret of women, that no man has ever stumbled upon...

From this point, the slogan Hauptsache es glitzert was born! I immediately imagined the abbreviation HEG on shirts, beanies and hoodies for women.

The brand targets women, that can laugh at themselves. That dont need shiny and glittery clothes, the brand targets girls that also wear her boyfriends shirt to school or college. It aims at free and happy women that dont need Gucci, Fendi and Prada! All they need is HEG!


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