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Nancy Lehmann

This is my dream





Aner and Lucius



STEP 1.)  I have decided to   incorporate three poems into piece from THE SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY by Edgar Lee Masters. 

Aner Clute
OVER and over they used to ask me,
While buying the wine or the beer,
In Peoria first, and later in Chicago,
Denver, Frisco, New York, wherever I lived
How I happened to lead the life,
And what was the start of it.
Well, I told them a silk dress,
And a promise of marriage from a rich man—
(It was Lucius Atherton).
But that was not really it at all.
Suppose a boy steals an apple
From the tray at the grocery store,
And they all begin to call him a thief,
The editor, minister, judge, and all the people—
“A thief,” “a thief,” “a thief,” wherever he goes
And he can’t get work, and he can’t get bread
Without stealing it, why the boy will steal.
It’s the way the people regard the theft of the apple
That makes the boy what he is.

Lucius Atherton
WHEN my moustache curled,
And my hair was black,
And I wore tight trousers
And a diamond stud,
I was an excellent knave of hearts and took many a trick.
But when the gray hairs began to appear—
Lo! a new generation of girls
Laughed at me, not fearing me,
And I had no more exciting adventures
Wherein I was all but shot for a heartless devil,
But only drabby affairs, warmed-over affairs
Of other days and other men.
And time went on until I lived at
Mayer’s restaurant,
Partaking of short-orders, a gray, untidy,
Toothless, discarded, rural Don Juan. . . .
There is a mighty shade here who sings
Of one named Beatrice;
And I see now that the force that made him great
Drove me to the dregs of life.

Homer Clapp
OFTEN Aner Clute at the gate
Refused me the parting kiss,
Saying we should be engaged before that;
And just with a distant clasp of the hand
She bade me good-night, as I brought her home
From the skating rink or the revival.
No sooner did my departing footsteps die away
Than Lucius Atherton,
(So I learned when Aner went to Peoria)
Stole in at her window, or took her riding
Behind his spanking team of bays
Into the country.
The shock of it made me settle down
And I put all the money I got from my father’s estate
Into the canning factory, to get the job
Of head accountant, and lost it all.
And then I knew I was one of Life’s fools,
Whom only death would treat as the equal
Of other men, making me feel like a man.

     As I read through Mr. Masters' work, I saw how the poems told different sides of the same stories.  I was tempted to do OLLIE McGEE, and her husbands poem, but as I read on, I found ANER CLUTE, LUCIUS ATHERTON, AND HOMER CLAPP.  I couldn't pass them by.

2.)    Logline-A beautiful young woman's life is drastically changed when standing what she believes in brings her to her knees.

Theme:Arrogance, lust, love, jealousy, revenge and shattered dreams.

      What I want to convey to the viewers is that revenge is a dish best served cold. Also that although it would be great if we had the ability to right every wrong done to us, somethings are best left up to our higher powers, karma, or fate. Whatever you may call it.
For in nature, ever action, there is an equal and opposite reaction that can sometimes be fatal. 

I have decided to rework my entire story, here is the beginning of the first draft of that part of my project.




     I set my screenplay in the Minneapolis area, because instead of  SPOON RIVER because instead of suburbs,  we have lots of small towns. Northeast Minneapolis, while being part of the city, is a quite area with nice size family homes, lots of trees and a close knit community.  A beautiful girl from a nice family could be well known in several towns because kids from all areas meet and spend time in THE MALL OF AMERICA. The clubs in downtown Minneapolis/St.Paul, and most other hang outs through out the city, are frequented by cool young people and the nerds alike. What puts you in the spotlight is your reputation, be it good or bad. 

     As for the time period, present day. Here people tend to still maintaining strong family/small town values. Your neighbors are real neighbors and get involved, we call that "Minnesota nice." There are as many bars here as there are churches. Which is another reason I chose this city. When a bar is closing or burns down, it's memorialized on the damn news!  Here you can be Metrosexual, gay, bi-racial, Amish, whatever, and still fit in.  Inn Sha'Allah











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