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HC Sochi Logo Redesign — Roaring Leopard

Hello there. First of all, I would like thank my parents, God and Mr. Davidson for letting me finish it (sound a bit like a movie award ceremony speech). This is my second week learning Illustrator (and a first logo in a lifetime), so it was quite a hard task to pull it off.

I've chosen a real case for my project — a HC Sochi logotype from Russian KHL League (ice-hockey), which in my opinion urgently needs a re-design. Here how it looks:

Original HC Sochi logo

Maybe it's difficult to understand, but it's a leopard on a team's logo, which is also a Sochi mascot. So, as you probably had guessed already, I've decided to draw a leopard.

I've found a picture of this guy below as a reference. He was roaring and looking agressive, so I felt like he would suit my needs perfectly.

Leopard reference

Then the the actual process began. I was founding an improvements during my work on the lines and really liked what I've seen at the end of the day, but of course I know, that it's not perfect at all. I especially hate those things under his ears. They are a bit out of proportions I think.


Painting this guy was really fun..

Leopard without spots

..Until I have realised that I don't know how to draw spots on his skin (and without them, he would look like a random feline from an old HC Sochi logo). So I just drawn them with a Blob Brush Tool taking my leopard photo as a reference for skin. Here what I had at the end:

Final HC Sochi Logo

And of course:

Final Leopard on Texture

I would like to thank you Mr. Davidson one more time, this was really a great experience. I don't know if you will continue publishing your lessons here, but if you would, here are the topics that would be cool to hear about:

  • Typography in a sports logotypes
  • How to make awesome mock-ups for your logos (on jerseys, baseball caps, etc.)


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