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HBO's GIRLS - Season 1: Episode 6

[Sunday, April 14th]

It's coming along. Finally got Hannah's house in there with NYC, along with the tin-can phone connection between the big city and the home town. I do have a different version with Hannah crawling up the cord, as per Ricky's suggestion, but illustrating people is definitely not a strong skill I possess just yet ;) Still need to work with colours and work that quote in. I'm not usually a fan of text in my work, but I do love that quote! More to come...

[Saturday, April 13th]

Finally got back to this! So far I have my upside down NYC. Colours are definitely not final, just all over the place to help me with the arrangement. Also need to add more detail to buildings re: windows, etc. Next up, Hannah's home.


AH! Been so busy, but I'll have something up in the next day or so - I hope! Thanks Ricky for your feedback! Also, just realized I forgot to add screeshots from that scene, for visual reference.

More progress soon!

[Sunday, April 7th]

To make this even more complicated, I've completely changed the episode of GIRLS I'm basing this project on. Loved that first episode, but I was having a hard time putting it together and randomly came up with the perfect illustration idea for a different episode - which happens to be the episode I connect with most, so I don't know why I didn't think to do it right away!

Anyway, it is GIRLS Season 1 Episode 6 and I found a site you can stream it on, if any of you want to see.

Background info to this episode:
Hannah (the main character of the show) has been struggling with crappy jobs, after her parents told her they wouldn't support her financially anymore. She's also been seeing Adam and their relationship is mostly dysfunctional and sexual, she wants a relationship with him but he isn't very welcome to the idea and not very nice to her.

A summary of this episode:

Hannah heads home to small-town Michigan (from her current NYC) for a weekend with her parents in her childhood home - as she leaves, her roommate reminds her to ask her parents for money for rent, as Hannah recently lost her job. The weekend visit makes it obvious that Hannah has grown from her small town/childhood home life, from being smothered by treated like a kid by her parents, to not having the same connection with her old best friend. At one point she dials Adam and hangs up. She meets an old classmate at the pharmacy and goes on a date with him, so that she can see what it's like to date a nice guy. Their date (to a local fundraiser that is very "small town") and post-date sex prove even further that she is different than everyone back home and that she doesn't belong there. After she gets home from the date, only to help her father from a shower sex injury (isn't this show great?!) with her mother, her mother tells her they are proud of her surviving in NYC, especially after they cut off her finances and that they only mention her moving back because they miss her. Hannah decides not to ask for the rent money, as it means a lot that her parents are proud.

The following is the scene I'm focusing on:
The end of the episode shows Hannah lying in her childhood bed receiving a call from Adam in NYC. He called because he saw he had a missed call from her, which she denied. She finds out that he misses her, in the dysfunctional-scattered way that Adam would, and she talks about life in the home town and how people have bigger apartments for less than in NYC, and why people struggling in NYC don't just move there and start a revolution, and says, about New York City:

“It’s like we’re all slaves to this place that doesn’t even really want us, you know?”

She proceeds to walk outside talking on the phone with Adam, asking him to look outside of his view of NYC and tell her what he sees and the episode fades with him telling a detailed story about a crackhead on the street.

That was one of the most important quotes of the season, and really represents what's happened in the show so far. It's about young adults struggling in this city that is making it very difficult for them to survive in, and yet they don't want to leave it. They choose to struggle.

This episode has always meant a lot to me because I relate to much to the big city life and heading home to my small town and seeing the differences and home being "home" but not necessarily where you belong. My illustration will focus on that specific quote as well as that scene re: hometown and NYC.

This is my rough sketch, super rough, but on the bottom is Hannah's parents home, representing her home town, and along the top is NYC, but it's upside down, to represent something being turned upside down to pour something out which represents "this place that doesn't even really want us" but I attached to a building the string that attached the tin can telephone that represents not only the phone call they had, but also Hannah's attachment and grip on the city - her attachment that defies the rejection and her struggle to stay there.

Style inspirations are as follows:

I'll have a digital illustration up in the coming days :)

[Thursday, April 4th]

Just as I predicted, I may go a totally different route again! Haha. Oh my. Updates to come this weekend.

[Wednesday, April 3th]

Okay, so I'm not keeping up exactly as per the syllabus re: "final sketch(es) as well as illustrations and designs you find around the web" purely because my design process remains chaotic and all over the place. I go back and forth non-stop with every new piece of inspiration, haha, but I did want to share what I did come up with today:

I know, totally not anywhere near my original sketches! How I got to this was:

1. kept in mind the bathtub scene
2. thought of how I could use the shower curtains in a geometric way via triangles
3. out of nowhere, I thought of these paper fortune tellers most of us girls played with as a child

For anyone who hasn't used one, it basically was a paper game you made yourself, the end result being your "future" or decisions - a paper version of a magic eight ball, if you will. Aside from the shape being a neat one to work with, it also kind of perfectly represents GIRLS in a nutshell. A group of gals (who, as kids would likely play with these) going through their early years of adulthood, not knowing what to do but having to make decisions that they pretty much pull out of their ass as they go along, a.k.a. relying on useless things/people (like this silly game) to make their decisions for them, a.k.a BAD decisions (oh, this is the magic of the show, haha).

It was a weird random idea that so far has worked itself out. Next step is to maybe work icons into what is visible of the flaps of the shape, preferably ones that have to do with decisions. This could incorporate from this episode alone, or I could break the rules and do it for the season as a whole.

Anyway, that's all for now. Who knows, this could completely change tomorrow :)

Any and all feedback welcome!

[Wednesday, March 27th]

(You can view the larger version of this by right-clicking > View Image)

After watching this episode for the 12th and 13th time, I felt the iconic moments of this episode were:

1. Hannah and her parents dinner where they tell her they can't support her financially anymore. (Chose to illustrate the wine glasses, Hannah's being smaller as this was a very child-parent moment)

2. Hannah and her roommate Marnie waking up together - it set up their roommate/best friend relationship as well as Marnie's relationship with her bf (who she escaped from, by sleeping in Hannah's bed, because she can't stand him)

3. Jessa arriving from the UK.

4. Marnie handing her bf Charlie her retainer - defines their relationship for the first time (he's super clingy and will do anything for her)

5. Hannah & Marnie's fridge - magnet collection - this fridge is iconic in first full season the way Monica's kitchen cabinets are iconic in Friends

6. This is the most iconic scene in the episode. Hannah and Marnie in the bathtub while Hannah eats a cupcake.

7. Jessa arriving at her cousin Shoshana's apartment.

8. Wall art from Shoshana's apartment. Shosh isn't a huge character in EP 1, but wanted to draw something from her apartment. Might be a good accent piece to poster.

9. Hannah & Marnie's outfits during their walk.

10. Hannah at internship - not as important.

11. Adam's door/unit number.

12. Another iconic moment, Hannah in the position Adam requested of her in his apartment.

13. Subway - NYC.

14. Another iconic scene, Ray making the opium brew (that Hannah eventually drinks, hilarity ensues!)

15. The envelopes her parents leave in the hotel, at the end of the episode. One for Hannah (who wakes up in their hotel room alone), one for the housekeeper. Re: point #1, Hannah then opens both envelopes and takes money from both envelopes.


First, yes I am HORRIBLE at hand-sketching :)

Second, I forgot just how many iconics moments/scenes there were in this episode! While it was a lot to sketch them all out, it was great to see them all in one place so that I can now pick out which scenes I'll choose to use in my poster. Most important are: 5, 6, 12, 14. I think it would be challenging to do ALL of them, so I'll focus on those 4 for now and maybe work from there to see if I can include more.

So far I've managed to dodge drawing any faces, so far. Only because I'm not good at it yet, but may try it out if I'm feeling gutsy! ;)

No idea with the layout yet. that will involve plenty of thought, but thought this was a start!

Any feedback is great appreciated! But I totally understand only those who have seen the show will feel and recognize the icons. Thanks in advance!

[Tuesday, March 26th]

After scouring my media shelves for a good hour (serious decisions here, people!), I finally chose Season 1, Episode 1 of HBO's GIRLS. Although I didn't love the second season as much, the first season has a special place in my heart full of some oddly-relatable stories and so many iconic moments. Episode 1 is where we get to know every character, so there's much to show here visually!

I've taken screenshots of visual elements I want to use and sketching will commence tomorrow!


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