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HANGUGOAL: Survival Korean

Before there was Gangnam Style, I was already swept up in the 'Hallyu Wave'. From K-pop to K-dramas and Korean cuisine I was fascinated with the culture.

In preparation for an upcoming trip to Korea in the autumn of 2014, my project will be to achieve conversational fluency in Korean.

The project is entitled "HANGUGOAL" a combination of the words "hangugo" 
which is the Korean language and of the word "goal".

My definition  of conversational fluency includes:

(1)  Understanding numbers and currency

(2) Knowing how to introduce myself 

(3) Asking and receiving directions

(4) Carrying myself in social situations

(5) Expressing myself when shopping and dining.

I have created a tumblr blog, HANGUGOAL to track my progress.

Learning a new language is scary but exhilirating at the same time.


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