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I am starting a line of housewares for kids - all handmade, screenprinted, sewn & manufactured in the united states. Products include tee-pees, pillows, sewn toys, wall hooks & wooden storage units. My business is called doonyaya and I am an etrepreneur (I delegate and hire out work as much as possible). 


- doonyaya offers housewares to make kid's rooms more fun, beautiful, unique and inspiring.

- my customers are hip parents that appreciate unique objects - they believe that their   children's surroundings and toys enhance their lives and inspire them to be more creative themselves.

- I design the screen prints and the products, then hire sub-contractors (sewers, wood-workers, screen-printers) to manufacture the products.

- my products are unique because of their hand made designs that appeal to both parents and children. 

- my customers get fun, handmade, well-crafted, designed items for their kids.

- the hardest part is sourcing the materials, suppliers and sub-contractors - and keeping it in the United States.

- I can repeat it again and again by continuing to produce a consistent line of products and adding to the line every year.


- I delegate as much as I possibly can - I want my focus on designs, marketing and my brand identity.

- I want to have a "look" to my products that can live on once I am gone.

- I give myself promotions by training someone to make a new product, then design something else myself, or learn a new skill to make my business better.

- I will generate enough cash flow to continue to "swim" by selling my products for more than I make them for and less than what the customer thinks the value is. 


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