Sniper Streets





What's good everyone, my name is Streets, also know as SniperStreets on the world wide web. I'm based out of Birmingham, AL, population 212,113. Don't sleep on the small cities. There are rich stories and beautiful people here.

Big shouts to Gotham for putting on another banging class. This class challenged me to break out of my low key vibe on the street and speak to more people and mess around with some new aspects of my photos in LightRoom. As a result, I've become a more balanced visual artist and I know that my level of creative work as risen greatly. Currently I am shooting with a Cannon Rebel T3i. Blehh.

Briefly or not so breifly, I want to talk about my editng process for this project. I have a dark eye and tend to shoot my photos underexposed a bit, because I want to capture and bring out all of the details in my subject. VSCO Pack 5 has been my go to for a while now and I hard core manipulate my presets. With these photos, I messed around with Luminence, Grain and Tint, more than I ever have. My initial preset (sorry not giving away too much) had to much Green, which I wanted, but needed to tone down a good bit. By messing around with the Luminence, for Geen and Aqua and playing with the Tint, I was able to strike the balance I wanted. Usually I pull all of the grain out of my photos but lately I've been feeling a more gritty vibe. Musically inspiration wise, I didn't have any specific creative impluse from a piece of music on this project but I was vibing with my earbuds in like I always am when I shoot. Film wise the recent movie Black Mass has remained a constant inspiration for the look of my photos, over the last two months, and that did't change on this project. I've included my RAW photos for your insight and inspiration to this long dialogue but I hope you all enjoy my project and please don't be slim or shady- Let me hear your thoughts!




"I get paid to to chill."



Still Life



Landscape (cityscape)




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