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HACK YOUR HAPPINESS: Create your own happiness journal


Have you ever considered happiness as a SKILL? Well, according to recent science, it is! In this course you will learn an easy technique to develop and strengthen you happiness skill and maintain it for a long period. Even if happiness is one of the main purpose for all of us, there are many common myths about it. For example we believe that if we reach certain goals then we will be happy. However the truth is that we do not know what really makes us happy. 

The technique we learn in this course is called a happiness journal. Journal-technique is often used by psychologists during individual counseling as it is one of the best tools to develop self-awareness. The technique has been used among people suffering from depression and has been proven to be effective in developing a higher and more stable happiness level.



At the end of this course you will create your own happiness journal!

  1. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Get a diary or a simple exercise book + your favorite pen. :) Feel free to use an online tool if you prefer (e.g. a blog) or just download the happiness journal sheet.
  2. SCALE: On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is your happiest state and 1 is your most depressive state, where do you see yourself now? 
  3. CHALLENGE: Write down those 3 things of your day, which made you happy or made you grateful. It is enough to write few words about the situation (What did you do? Who were you with?) Continue this exercise every end of the day for at least one week!
  4. SHARE with us one thing that made you happy during the week.
  5. ANALYSE: After one week, look back on your list. Do you see any reoccurring patterns? What kind of events made you actually happy? 
  6. PLAN: How would you plan the week ahead to maximize your happiness? Create space for those things that made you happy before. Plan ahead and set time for them in your calendar.
  7. CONTINUE to write your happiness diary.
  8. REFLECT AND SHARE: Tell us about your experiences after two weeks. Do you feel different since you started to write a happiness journal? On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is your happiest state and 1 is your most depressive state, where do you see yourself now? 





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