H2O Abstraction

H2O Abstraction - student project

Working through the improvised abstraction process seemed to take a clumsy warm up for my hand and brain. It was pretty interesting how my brain was a little resistant to the whole thing. I will move from the first improvised pieces through the planned piece and then to the follow-up inspired piece. Sorry about the camera shadow. I feel confident that we can mentally edit those out.

H2O Abstraction - image 1 - student project

The next ones really loosened up and felt authentic.

The first one is very spaghetti-esque. I thought just loosening my wrist and not thinking about the colours too much.

H2O Abstraction - image 2 - student project

They are kind of a carry-over from the 14-day challenge which I did in ink. They are loosely based on cellular structure of a plant.

Here they look more molecular/astronomical. I rather like them.

H2O Abstraction - image 3 - student project

H2O Abstraction - image 4 - student project

I know I got carried away, but HEY! I was having fun!

Then I had to do the planned ones. This wasn't nearly as much fun:

H2O Abstraction - image 5 - student project

The one I chose combined elements of spaghetti and molecules. Cosmic noodlery?

H2O Abstraction - image 6 - student project

Still enamoured with the molecules/bubbles, I decided to try out some water-soluble oil paints using the same motif. I like this outcome:

H2O Abstraction - image 7 - student project

Thanks for the lovely class. It's been very nice getting back into the watercolors. I've had the same set for 25 years. It's definitely nice to get back to using them. I'll take more classes because I'm incredibly curious about where to go from here.

Tatjana Versaggi
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