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Okay so I shared these on the group, but I guess we're supposed to list them here as well, so my goals are:

1.)  Body Fat% is currently at about 20% I'd like to be at 16%

2.)  Bench 95lbs (currently at 75lbs), squat 195lbs (currently at 145lbs), deadlift 195lbs (currently at 130lbs) by Summer. End of May, early June. Doing Stronglifts currently.

3.)  I'm hoping to see more definition in my abs. I don't think measurement will go down substantially but i'd like to see the vertical outline of a six pack by summer, six pack by end of 2013.


My current work out routine:

Monday - OFF DAY. Rest & Relax,.

Tuesday - SL 5x5

Wednesday - Interval Running (1-1.5 miles) Working for speed

Thursday - SL 5x5

Friday - 1 mile easy run

Saturday - SL 5x5 ...this is always the day I push

Sunday - Long Run, increasing a mile every week (currently at 3, going for a half marathon in April)

Still need to figure out exactly what my calorie intake should be so that I can lean out and keep my muscle mass at the same time (or gain some). And what the macro breakdown should be. Any suggestions are very welcome.

According to the SL 5x5 I should be eating 3000+ calories, but I'm not trying to "bulk" per say. My BMR is about 1270 calories... I'm currently at about 2000 daily intake but my macros are off I'm pretty sure. Suggestions??



Example workout of my 5x5 routine:

  • High Knees:
    • 30 reps (+17 pts)
  • Butt Kickers:
    • 30 reps (+15 pts)
  • Barbell Squat:
    • 45 lb x 10 reps (+55 pts)
    • 95 lb x 5 reps (+65 pts)
    • 135 lb x 5 reps (+85 pts)
    • 135 lb x 4 reps (+78 pts)
    • 135 lb x 4 reps (+78 pts)
    • My app said I was down to 3x5 now (since I've deloaded a couple times now). So I did that... however I think i'm going to go back to 5x5 next week. I'm almost all better from my cold/cough but I think it robbed the power out of my squats today. Wasn't nearly 100%.
  • Barbell Bench Press:
    • 45 lb x 10 reps (+55 pts)
    • 80 lb x 4 reps (+54 pts)
    • 80 lb x 4 reps (+54 pts)
    • 80 lb x 4 reps (+54 pts)
    • 80 lb x 4 reps (+54 pts)
    • 80 lb x 4 reps (+54 pts)
    • Couldn't get 5 reps out yet. But I worked on getting a full range of motion on them. The last two sets were my best. Maybe I need to start warming up with an intermediate weight not just the bar.
  • Pendlay Row:
    • 65 lb x 5 reps (+40 pts)
    • 65 lb x 5 reps (+40 pts)
    • 65 lb x 5 reps (+40 pts)
    • 65 lb x 5 reps (+40 pts)
    • 65 lb x 5 reps (+40 pts)
    • I HATE row. I think it's official. Every time I go up in weights I "stand up" a little and am no longer doing it right. Drives me crazy!


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