"Gwendolyn Falls"

"Gwendolyn Falls" - student project

Passion - Why Do You Want to Write This Story?

     My own personal accomplishment.

Theme - What Message Should Readers Wake Away From It?

     The theme of "Gwendolyn Falls" is about dealing with life.  The unknowns, the bad-things-happen-to-good-people and being a survivor.

Flaw - How Must Your Character Change to Reflect the Theme?

     Gwen's grows up with few stressors in her life and then it all flips on her one day.  She doesn't know how to handle it, thus leading her to burrow her head in the sand, so to speak. She has an inability to accept change and deal with problems.  Eventually, she must accept some things are out of her control and life isn't always a fairy tale.  Even if it is.

Premise - 

     Gwen's fairy tale life turns upside down forcing her to face unimaginable situations and predetermined family conflicts in order to save her sanity and her town.

Stephanie Smith
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