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Gutter Punk Pirate Girl, or something

Hey everyone! A little about me: I'm a ceramic artist and sculptor living in Indianapolis, IN with my husband and 2 y/o daughter. I do a lot of painting and illustration  on my work, as well as sculpted 3D characters. Lately I've been creating strong female characters inspired by my daughter, women I know, and stories I love.

I'm generally a paper and pencil kind of girl, but I've been known to use photoshop. I thought it would be fun to stretch my skills a bit, learn Illustrator, and improve my character design process and drawing skills.

Here's my Pinterest inspiration board:

I got around to doing some sketches last night. Drawing shapes and filling them in with characters is so much fun!

I'm deviating from the pirate theme and working on a personal project - a gender swapped Neverland inspired story tinged with a little punk.

This one is too cute, and kinda boring,

These two are my gutter punk girls. I really like them, but I wish they had props of some kind. I like the nerd punk a lot.

A goth Mary Poppins type with flying cats.

I wanted to try some more angular shapes. Also, I was thinking of Adventure Time, and we were watching some guitarists on You Tube last night.

This one doesn't really fit what I was going for, but she was a fun shape, and I like all her tiny hats. She's very Jhonen Vasquez, I think.

And one slightly more realistic character, because I need practice with action poses. I feel like she could be just a little more animated. She needs more tension in her bow arm, and her stance is a bit off. But I like her as a character.

I'm looking forward to getting feedback! Which one do you like best?

Update 6/12/2013:

I decided to work on the nerd punk some more, and see what I could do with her.

I've been thinking about the fashion items that pirates and punks have in common. Striped shirts, wearing black, buckles, belts, and bandanas came to mind. I know I said I was straying from pirates, but pirates and Neverland go hand in hand in my mind. I also saw Gogol Bordello play last friday, and the lead singer had an ammo belt with pencil stubs instead of bullets, which I appreciated. I thought that was a nice detail that I included in my new sketches. A nerdy pacifist adventure punk can never have too many pencils.

I gave her a crow rather than a parrot. Here, I changed the bandana and gave her dreads and a nose stud. I like this version better, but I prefer the first crow. I'm thinking of combining the two.

Again, comments and criticism are appreciated. 


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