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Lacey Wright

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"Guns Hidden Under Our Petticoats."

So the phrase I settled on for this project is "Guns Hidden Under Our Petticoats," which is from the song Chocolate by 1975. (And yes, I'm so aware that the song is about smoking weed. Alas.) I've been playing the song non-stop for the past few days, and I just really love that line for some reason. So I decided to go with it. 

Here's some of the word associations I scribbled out while I was thinking about it: 

The phrase really makes me think of the stereotypical old west, complete with petticoats and corsets and cowboys and guns, which I think I might go with. I spent a lot of time looking for images of bullet and ammo tins, along with a few other things. Checked out a lot of Victorian fashion magazines as well, though I'm aware that's a different time period. I might do some more research while I'm warming up. Here's the mood board I have so far: 

More to come later. Not much to see right now, but I'm always open to feedback if there's a different direction to take or any thoughts. It's all very wide-open at the moment. 


Did some lettering warm-ups. Not sure that I'll use any of these for the final design. It was mostly just to get my mind focused on the project again.  


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