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Christine F.

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Gunks/Mohonk Preserve Climber's Area Map


I want to create a map of The Gunks ( Also known as the Shawangunks/Mohonk Preserve) and the surrounding area for rock climbers. I would like the map to be fairly detailed listing different areas of interest,  but it does not have to be precise. General locations would be fine.

I have two different kinds of maps I would like to make.

One is a more traditional map of the roads, trails, and locations of the cliffs, parking, visitor centers, camping locations, gear supply stores and popular restaurants/bars/hang outs. 

(Mind map of what I would like to include in the first type of map.)

(Rough map of just the area around the main cliffs.)

The second is a long map of the main set cliffs (known as the Trapps) and the carriage road beneath them. This would be deleted illustration of the cliffs and popular features and routes. Sort of a more artistic vision of the sketches of the carriage road trail found in the climber's guide book.

(VERY rough thumbnail of the second type of map.)

(Example page from the guide book. See the rough map at the bottom)

At this point I am envisioning these as a printed series of maps. Especially the second, which I think would make a wonderful poster. However, I am taking a class this summer on app design and depending on how that class goes I think itI could be fun to return to this project and make  a digital interactive version. 

Some inspiration for a few different styles I was thinking of using for designing the maps:


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