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Gundam Snap

♥ Hello! Everyone's projects are looking fantastic.
♥ I went with my second idea, Gundam Snap, because I wanted to keep it simple like Leo suggested. The first idea touched my heart more but it might've been too complex for my first storyboard. Thank you for input. It is greatly appreciated.
♥ The next step is to structure my story and doodle some thumbnails! photo Step2_zpsde2b46aa.png
This is the layout for the comic book store. I don't perfectly remember it.
 photo Store_zps7bceb54c.png
I started thinking about fun merchandise that might appear around the characters. I was going to draw some Game of Thrones and Attack on Titan but then I remembered that - derp - this was at a different time period so there would only be older stuff in the store. I made a list at the top of my head to remind me to keep it accurate. Some things haven't faded a bit, like popular superheroes. photo a98fd5a9-7553-47de-8152-d3eacd63e3b0_zps2027fbc5.jpg
Here are a couple references.

 photo References_zps1494de00.png

 photo Step1_zps13c969f0.png photo 54751f5d-d9f8-474d-96f1-63a3090f04d7_zps31628f72.jpg
Idea 1 - The Homeless Tree
We lived near some woods when I was young but it wasn't the safest so not many kids were allowed to roam back there. Those of us who were shared a treehouse built on a particularly epic tree. These older teenagers began trying to fight us for the treehouse. One day they came with their paintball guns and chased us off, claiming thy throne. My friends grabbed their own paintball guns and we headed back for war...

 photo c7835c73-22d2-441e-88b6-3784e69156d6_zpsd0c87741.jpg
Idea 2 - Gundam Snap
My friend and I went to a giant comic book store when we were younger and back then the "nerd world" was much smaller so the amazing store blew us away. We peeked into a back room that had even cooler stuff like foreign imports. There was an awesome person-sized Gundam with a sign that said, "$5,000. You break it, you buy it." so we crept over to check it out. My friend lightly touched the arm of the Gundam and it entirely broke off. We were completely jaw dropped and silent before we started to panic...

 photo 81a3659e-3fac-4992-8584-efec45a73ec3_zps8c6ea29f.jpg
Idea 3 - Kicking Milk
During lunch in high school, students outside would have contests kicking milk cartons and we would write our scores down on paper and hold them up. When teachers came out to suspiciously check on us, everyone would act "normal" and well behaved. One day a kid kicked his milk and it accidentally hit a school bus that was passing by. You can imagine our fear when the bus stopped and the driver angrily jumped out...


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