GunBoy Brand

GunBoy Brand - student project

Here is an updated version with different fonts. I'm contrasting the handwritten look of "GUNBOY BRAND" with a clean sans serif for "Remover of Obstacles."

GunBoy Brand - image 1 - student project

Just about done. The only thing I want to add is something hanging from his necklace, just trying to think of something good. One color design on vintage red.

GunBoy Brand - image 2 - student project

GunBoy Brand - image 3 - student project

Getting close to finishing this. The "GUNBOY BRAND" text is hand drawn and then the text under it is a font that I found. I'm still working on shading details and need to change the grays to a black half tone so that the design is 1 color.

GunBoy Brand - image 4 - student project

Here is my progress so far. I thought of a name for the piece, "Gun-esh." Almost done with the character. I'm wondering where I should take it in terms of color. One color design on a light shirt, more colorfull, on a darker shirt, etc.

GunBoy Brand - image 5 - student project

Sketch #1

Concept: Fictional God of War inspired by paintings/ statues of Ganesh (The four-armed Hindu elephant god). Another name for Ganesh is "Remover of Obstacles," which will be written in text box at the top. I'm still looking for references on typography that would fit with the design. The throne drawing is a rough placeholder.

GunBoy Brand - image 6 - student project

Hi fellow t-shirt lovers!

My name is Perry Casey. I'm 22 years old and have been working on building my own t-shirt label, GunBoy Brand, since last September. I finished all my classes at California State University Channel Islands in December and graduate this Spring.

GunBoy Brand is quality graphic street wear inspired by action movies, shooting video games, and gun culture. I've always wanted to find a brand that makes Johnny Cupcakes-quality designs, but using a theme of guns and the action genre instead of the cupcakes/baking theme. So, I decided to create my own!

Last week I printed my first official run of shirts, 3 different designs. I'm in the process of filming a video for Kickstarter. I'm hoping to generate a large amount of preorders so I can print my full line of designs.

I apologize for the crappy iPhone photos, I haven't taken professional product photos yet.

The GunBoy Kid is the debut of this original character that will be a staple icon for the brand.

GunBoy Brand - image 7 - student project

GunBoy Brand - image 8 - student project

GunBoy Brand - image 9 - student project

The AKs-74u is a cartoony and distorted illustration of the instantly recognizable AK-47.

GunBoy Brand - image 10 - student project

GunBoy Brand - image 11 - student project

For now I'm printing with plastisol inks to get the brightest and most vivid colors possible. I'm using Next Level Apparel 3600 t-shirt blanks. I think their fit and feel is superior to American Apparel. (I don't know why everyone raves about the American Apparel 2001).

Ramboy is a parody of the Rambo character. I have a more realistic rendering of the GunBoy Kid face seen here, as well as the more cartoony GunBoy Kid. 3 colors on a navy shirt.

GunBoy Brand - image 12 - student project


GunBoy Brand - image 13 - student project

I plan on doing limited edition versions of the GunBoy Kid based on characters from popular action movies, video games, and TV shows. This one is John McClane from the Die Hard series.

GunBoy Brand - image 14 - student project

GunBoy Brand - image 15 - student project

The .45 is in the same vein as the AK design above, but for the popular U.S. made Colt 1911 model handgun.

GunBoy Brand - image 16 - student project

GunBoy Brand - image 17 - student project

The inspiration for this design is a combination of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and the 1980's movie, Scarface.

GunBoy Brand - image 18 - student project

GunBoy Brand - image 19 - student project

This is my latest design, still a work in progress. It's based off of Robert De Niro's character in the 1995 movie, Heat.

GunBoy Brand - image 20 - student project

I'm still in the process of make a website/online store, but you can check out the layout for the site at

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else will be creating for the class! :)