Gumships | Skillshare Projects

Tashina Jacob

Webcomic Artist




"Share 3-4 creative ideas in response to 'gum' "

So the first thing that came to my mind when reading the prompt "gum" was a cute but grumpy girl chewing gum and making a huge bubble, like a 80s/90s teenage girl, wild hair, and so on.

I then wrote down the following ideas:

As you can see I had several associations with the word "gum", but the one I most liked, maybe because I'm someone who draws, not a designer or photographer, was the one that could best be used for an interesting illustration - gum bubbles being used as a form of transportation. You step into a machine that will encase you in a helium filled bubble of gum, and then you fly. Not sure how that kind of "ship" would be maneuvered, but I think it's an idea that's explorable and fun.

I then drew a quick sketch for visualization.


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