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As an Australian, the word 'gum' means gum trees and leaves, gumnuts and flowers, white-barked ghost gums growing in red soil against a bright blue sky.

The colours, textures and shapes in gum trees are very pleasing; suitable for jewellery and inspiring for all kinds of artwork.

The word gum also makes me think of that part of our mouth which holds our teeth.  So I thought about old people who have lost all their teeth and how that changes the shape of their faces.


We also call the sticky stuff that oozes out of a damaged tree, gum.  Technically I suppose it is the tree's sap.  Anyway, in calling this stuff, gum, we also use gum for other sticky stuff like glue.

Idea #1: A fabric book for babies who like to put everything in their mouths.  It would use the shapes and colours of gum trees and possibly a reference to the story of Gum Nut Babies by May Gibbs.

Idea #2: A series of posters on oral health to be displayed at the dental hygienist, featuring gummy smiles and comments about getting help to take care of your teeth.

Idea #3: An app that keeps track of where you've been... like sticky gum it leaves a spotty stretchy trail. You leave a bit of yourself everywhere you've been!  So when that stange debit appears on your bank statement you can backtrack to where you were that day and what you might have paid for.  Good for people with too many things to remember, or Alzheimers, or busy people with too many things to remember!


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