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Gumm-B the Stretchy Bear-thing Hero

+Name: "Gumm-B" / real name is not known
+Species: Unknown (believed to be a bear of some sort)
+Age: Your guess is as good as mine
+Gender: Male
+Height: 2'10" (yeah, he's short)
+Weight: 500 lbs. (for some reason he's ridiculously heavy!) o_o
+Personality: Simple-minded, childish, sometimes goes crazy, and when he gets hungry, he gets HUNGRY! (thus the big spork) He has a sense of loyalty towards me, not sure why. He acts like a mini-guardian, it's pretty cute. Slow to trust other strangers, but will help out those he trusts. Hard to predict at times, and he hasn't revealed his actual face to anyone. I guess it's like a super hero hiding his identity.

+Brief backstory: Gumm-B came to life and was summoned when his creator, Ed Navarro entered the Original Character Tournment (or O.C.T.) back in 2009. Gumm-B is the chosen hero of his people/race, called upon to help guide and protect The Creator once his realm was located. His species are from another galaxy and reside on a "civilized" planet with bountiful forests that co-exists with its "futuristic" technology and architecture, compared to that of Earth humans. Gumm-B's people gave him a one-of-a-kind cape woven to simulate flight. He hides his identity with a simple paper bag he found on Earth and imbued it with a forsest spell that makes it like armor to him (and it's water-resistant).


  • Flight/Levitation (his red cape allows that power)
  • Ability to stretch limbs like rubber
  • Only once has this happened, (not sure how or why) but Gumm-B can become a frenzied and monstrous. Little is known about this "power".

+Weapon: A Big Freakin Spork! It's made of hard metal and is sharp enough to pierce and slice, kind of like a halberd weapon.


  • Sharp, small claws
  • Super strength (and weight)
  • Loyal & protective


  • Delicious-looking food and small animals
  • Distrustful to others
  • Can be gullible

Here's his Character Sheet.


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