Gum | Skillshare Projects




Idea 1: My first idea is to use gum wrappers to create a wrapper mosaic of an image that also contains gum. For example, the image created by the gum wrappers could be that of a person blowing a bubble or a cartoon blowing a bubble or simply an image of an iconic gum wrapper, such as a Double Bubble wrapper. Another idea, that might cause some mechanical issues depending on the type/consistency of certain gum, is to use gum as the adhesive for the mosaic, but that is not necessary. 

Idea 2: My second idea is to create a series of prints that offer a twist to the classic movies of my childhood. For example, one print might show Lady and the Tramp with a bubble in between them, rather than spaghetti. Another might show Snow White accepting a stick of gum from the Evil Queen. Others could include Simba being held up by Rafiki while blowing a bubble or Aladdin and Jasmine on a pack of gum rather than a magic carpet.

Idea 3: My third idea is a comic strip about a mischievous boy (think Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes) using gum as a means to prank others (e.g. parents, teachers, friends, siblings). 


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