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I tend to work with paper and printed work. I wanted to break away a bit from just drawing gum and staying in my 2D comfort zone. So I played around with paper combined with the physical gum.

  1. (Laminated) cards to stick gum on. You could play around with the position and shape of the gum altering the image on the card.You could even have a card that's a game of knots and crosses. As long as the two players have different coloured gum.
  2. Blowing bubblegum is like a blowing balloon. But why not a cardboard face surrounding a real balloon so that it looks like a massive gum bubble. Cute for decorating kids parties perhaps.
  3. Pure print. A satirical poster inspired by a story of my aunt who used to chew through masses of gum she found on the street as a kid. 

I went on and drafted idea no. 1 a bit. 

Inside the card I wrote: Spoilt your view? How about throwing it in the bin next time, pal?


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