"Gum" | Skillshare Projects




Creative Gum Ideas:

1. A person leaning against a wall blowing bubbles with gum. Instead of popping, the bubbles become the sort of bubbles you blow. In the form of black silhouettes (if possible), where the person blows bubbles, that have a shine to them and float away. They are holding a gum wrapper in their hand.

2. A campaign for gum disease awareness, with pictures of healthy gums, the early signs (such as blood from flossing), to tooth loss.

3. Gummy Bears that represent bears in different parts of the world - particularly Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears. Representing the former - a darker gummy bear in a woodland setting with two smaller cubs; and the same in the Arctic with Whiter gummy bears. Potentially created on small scenes using perspectives to get the differences; and captured with photographs.

4. A small collection of images showing gum forming on trees that is them taken and applied to its different uses.

Images of each to be uploaded for each when ready.


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