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Gum in all of it's irony


For this project I struggled to force myself out of the box- something that is odd because I thought I would have no problem with it. My original plan was to do a graphic illustration in a style I had actualy been a fan of for a long time, but I figured I was too married to this idea. So that being said I pushed myself to think in other directions and ended up at this point. Gum. What comes to mind for me? Bright, Bubbly, Bold, Juicy... But all of these things are too simple. So I decided to think of the opposite of gum. What came to mind? Nails of course! So as you can see I created a simple cutout of an image of nails- and added an overexpanded text saying "GUM" on top of it using the multiply layer feature of photoshop. This is the end result. This pushed me to think in other directions.


I had only thought of one idea for this project. As a designer I think my traditional style which is bold lined cell shaded illustration. I picked a different direction to go in.


My first idea was what I had initially picked that I could not get away from. I had to push myself away from it so I could complete the assignment, but I still will do my original idea as it will be an extra fun challenge which I will also upload after completing. 


Equally as difficult as the other steps, as they seem to tie together. 


I was actually browsing other projects that were completed for additional ideas to hit me, I realized most people were all using the sticky simple comfort zone. I tried to use something opposite as representation.


This step I did not actually do, maybe someone can give me feedback on my project so I may. :)



Originally sparked by descriptive words of gum, it sparked my original idea for a bright pop-art style graphic. The inspiration process continued non-linearly throughout my entire brainstorming process. 


I did actually end up gathering multiple ideas for this and here they are:

1. "sticker style" graphic- My original idea previously mentioned

2. Bubble tea - Japanese Harajuku style - fashion illustration - graphic

3. Final idea - Word gum made of nails.


Here is a draft for my original idea which will not make much sense until I upload the final of that project. :)



For this step I had actually done some sketches for other classes I am currently working on and stepped away from this project. This is when the idea for the nails popped into my head.


The executon of this I knew would not take long- simple and clean! I had fun coming up with this design even though it is simple. 

Here is the final result!


Thanks for reading! This is my first completed project and I would love any comments!


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