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Gum World


You sometimes see ABC gum (already been chewed) on the underside of a table or on a tree or any random place. So what if there was a map of the world painted on a wall and people could place their discarded gum on that wall to represent where they are from? People could pass by and see where other people that have passed that same spot are from. Kind of gross but it might have some appeal.

Another idea is to take the additional creative exercise and think of ten creative uses for gum.

  1. Earplugs

  2. Putty to stop things from leaking

  3. Stopper - put it under your keyboard to stop it from moving around or use a huge wad of gum to   use as a door stopper.

  4. Slingshot ammo - use it to shoot at whatever you want without causing any real damage

  5. Garnish - put it on the rim of a bubble gum flavored Cosmo or other adult drink

  6. Pen Holder

  7. Refrigerator Magnet Replacement - use it to stick pictures to your fridge.

  8. Car Lock Protector - the locks on my old car used to get frozen all the time when it would rain then freeze. If you put a piece of chewed gum over the key hole, then it wouldn't allow water in to freeze.

  9. Lint Remover

10. Secret Change Holder - put your already chewed gum under your desk and stick your change in it to
hold it in place. Nobody would think to look for money under your desk and wouldn't want to touch it if   it's in gum that had already been chewed.

My final idea...

Gum Luminaries...the gum glows in the dark and you blow a bubble, once it gets big enough, it picks you right up off your feet and you start sailing through the night sky. Could become a cheap way to get from point A to point B if there was a way to steer it. Maybe you hold your right arm out if you want to turn right, or you tilt your head. Crazy but the thought of it is fun.


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