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Jenny Worsley

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Gum Nebula

Still deciding what format to take: Notes below. 

While looking online I was struck by the actual Gum Nebula. Thought it could be a great Science Fiction Piece/Short Story. 

But also the Gum Nebula is all about colours - so I might create an artisitc piece from it. I love you can manipulate light in art in various forms and this could be a really intetesting start. 

The Gum Nebula (Gum 12) is an emission nebula that extends across 40° in the southern constellations Vela and Puppis. It lies roughly 400 parsecs from the Earth. Hard to distinguish, it is believed to be the greatly expanded (and still expanding) remains of a supernova that took place about a million years ago. It contains the smaller and youngerVela Supernova Remnant, along with the Vela Pulsar.

Update: Veering on the idea of artwork. Taking the colours and building upon it. Creating a story around the colour. 

1. Digital Colouring. Playing with colour, light and effect. 

Piece 1. 'RED NEBULA' 


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