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Lori Krout

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Gulf Breezes

Hero Pattern:


Secondary Pattern:





Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate in the pattern collection workshop!

I ran out of time in getting additional secondary and blender prints and spot graphics created, but it all really helped moved me forward in the learning process, so I am quite pleased with that. Just this little taste of the fun of pattern creation has made me know that I need to up my skills in Illustrator, ad I now have even more motivation now to take the time to dig into an in-depth course in that.

Your workshop has taught me so much, and I can see that this type of work is something that I am very attracted to pursuing in the coming years

Thanks for taking all of the time you have given us. the AMA was particularly helpful, and your videos will help guide me as I move forward in learning more about surface pattern design.

I am also planning to either take the MATS A&B courses from Lilla Rogers or the Art and Pattern of Surface Pattern Design.

If I take an in depth course in Illustrator and continue to practice using what I've learned here, do you think I could skip to the second module in the ABSPD course? I'm sensing that I might be able to since I have been an artist and designer (using Photoshop primarily) for a long while now. 


This is the time of year when the manatees visit us in our area of Florida. When the water temperatures dip below 68 deg. F, they are attracted to warmer water in natural springs, inlets and near some of the indistrial plants where warmed water is discharged when cooling their equipment. I decided to feature manatees in my hero pattern because they're just so darned cute!

I'm pretty happy with what I was able to do being so brand spanking new at this, but would *love* to hear constructive criticism that can help me improve since I have so much to learn-especially about Illustrator, so will be spending lots of time in there for starters. 

Digitizing Phase


  • It's slow-going, but I am enjoying the process of converting my sketches into illustrations in Illustrator! I'm a Photoshop gal with somewhat limited Illustrator experience, but I've been watching loads of tutorials and practicing my skills alongside of this workshop., so I am learning a ton in this compact time frame. It's so worth it! If I wouldn't have jumped in and taken this workshop when it was offered, I wouldn't have started the year off with the support from Elizabeth and the group, and I wouldn't have learned so much already.

    I still have a lot of work to do before I can begin my hero print, but I hope to finish the rest of my illustrations by lunchtime tomorrow. This is what I have so far.

    I am taking a walk on the Dunedin Causeway today and going into Honeymoon Island State Park to get some reference pics of seaoats. I think they will add a nice flow to the collection.

    I also have a heron and a few drawings I drew and watercolored recently. I can't really mix the watercolored sketches in to this look, but I may hand trace the heron and shell at least in illustrator and see how they look with the other ones I've finished. I am uploading below to get some input and would love to hear what you think of that idea. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement! I can't wait to see everyone's work!!


  • Gulf Breezes is inspired by the teeny tiny little Old Florida town that I live in on the west coast of Florida. It used to be a fishing village long ago, and it is filled with many marinas today with the Gulf of Mexico just a short walk down the street. About once a week a Great Egret flies onto my front porch railing, looking for a handout. We've named him Bob.

    We're nestled between the charming towns of Dunedin and Tarpon Springs, and are surrounded with eclectic houses and lots of artists, writers and other creative people. I love the easy feel and friendly atmosphere here, and that is the type of pattern collection I'd like to make as well!

    A wonderful walking and biking trail caled the Pinellas Trail runs parallel to my street and all I have to do is cross the street to hop on it and get out and experience the outdoors.

    I've been trying to figure out if I should work dogs into the moodboard and at least one or two of the patterns just because it is a hugely dog-friendly area and I love dogs, but I have to be clever about making it fit the theme, I think, if I do. It might seem too off in left field. Any thoughts on that?

    This will be my first pattern collection, and I am such a newbie to making patterns at all. I am excited for the adventure and I am enjoying see everyone's great work so far!


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