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Guitar Pick

Looking through my wallet, I found many little things that were just occupying space. Receipts, pennies (I mean, who uses those anymore?), business cards from your parent’s friends that you’re never going to call, and then there was this guitar pick. It took me a while to wrap my head around where I got it from, to find the reason why I’ve kept it all this time (God only knows guitar is really not my forte).

I went back to previous years when I was part of an amazing pop/rock band while still in high school, and remembered where I got this from. I kept telling one of the guitar players I was crazy about guitar picks, so he gave me one for my birthday. There is so much everything I do that is related to music. It cures everything and speaks with deeper meaning than any words can.

Coming back to guitar picks, they are used to pluck the strings of a guitar. They make strumming easier and doing rifts a possibility. They are a signature to every guitarist, hand-picked to create the perfect sound depending on the materials they are made out of. When guitar picks fail, there are some freak out moments in a concert. Being part of this band, I got to know all of my band mates very well, and they all had their certain treasures as musicians. The pianist had his pedals, the drummer had his drumsticks and cymbals and the guitarist, of course, his guitar picks. I was content with having a microphone that sounded decent and a great stage to strut through and show people what I was made of.

Music is an outlet to connect anyone and everyone. It has the power to create change. During the time I’ve had the guitar pick, music has grown as a bigger part of me. I’ve been singing for more than 10 years now, and I know at the age of 9 the stage would always be a secure place for me. As this dream is becoming more real, when I started doing more concerts and recording for radio, I am now more certain that life has music in my future, whether as a hobby or as a career (Hey, I can still dream, right?).

This guitar pick is a reminder of my days with the band and the guitar player that was awesome enough to remember I had mentioned that I wanted on and gave it to me. It is a reminder that with endurance and passion, all good things come, but at their certain time. Patience and drive are two of the keys to success in any sort of endeavours.

So get your guitar picks, pennies, family photographs, whatever you can find and think about why you’ve kept it. Why is it meaningful? What is special about it that you’ve been keeping it? Some memories will arise and you’ll remember all the cherished moments associated with the object. Try it!


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