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Guidry Family Crest

So, I didn't initially plan on actaully participating in the lesson plan, as I more or less stumbled upon it when I discovered the site for the first time. I was looking to figure out a way to compile the separate bits of heritage that are strongest in my immediate family. My plan since I was a teenager was always to get a tattoo to honor these heritages, possibly using the actual flags. But as I got older, and got a more sophistacated design aesthetic, I knew that just having the flags tattooed onto my arm wouldn't work in a congruent enough manner to have permanently etched into my skin. I had to come up with something better.

Now, we're the Guidry Family. And that's Cajun, which is it's own relatively unique heritage culled from others, so I didn't want to just do that, especially since we're also fairly close as a larger family. I've spent my entire life (outside of some college years) in Southeast Louisiana. Needless to say, a lot of us down here are at least a little Cajun. In my case, Guidry is really Cajun. But I digress.

So, my dad's a Guidry (Cajun), but his mother was a Sedita (Italian), and my mom was a Harper (Scottish) but her mother was a Cheramie (Cajun).

So I knew that I wanted to incorporate the flags images. So, first things first, I built them. France, Italy, Scotland, and Acadia.

But I knew I also wanted to try a crest and I always wanted to incorporate those important family surnames, and I figured all 4 flags together would really clash, so I pull the 3 fleur de lis (representative of France) and the star off of the Acadian flag (representative of Cajun involvement in the Revolutionary War) to be stand ins for French and Cajun. The cross is there as a design element, in general, but also because everyone growing up in my home town outside of New Orleans was as Catholic as the day is long.

But that looked boring, so I tried a few more things. Even subbing out the St. Andrew's cross of the Scottish Flag for the Lion that adorns the Scottish coat of arms.

Each step of the way I tested out multiple version of each new idea. And yes...those are Saints colors mixed in there. No shame.

Eventually I was able to narrow it down to a solid enough place to start chipping away at the smallest of variations.

Until I was able to hit what I think is the one. Thanks for your time.


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