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Guido Gautsch

my name is pronounced ghee-dough



Guido's Project

    ||    WEEK 4   ||


This was quite a challenge, mostly because of the Super Jump problem. I thought that the collider video would fix the super jump isue and watched it over and over again, thinking that I must have made a mistake somewhere. I then rebuilt the scene from scratch again, only to still superjump. Eventually I thought 'bugger it!' and just continued..shoulda done that a lot sooner!

I used assets from the a range of free asset store projects. The main character is from a game project called Penelope (made by Unity) because she had a jump animation baked into the prefab. The mushroom is from GameDraw editor - it comes with a free project called 'mushroom village' and I just grabbed one of the mushroom houses and dropped it in the game instead of the plain platform.

For the coin, I found a high-res image of an Australian dollar and just dragged that into my texture folder after I sized it down in Photoshop. I didn't create a UV map so it's upside down when it rotates, but that's fine.

The game is pretty boring as there are no enemies or level increases but it was fun to make.

I also fixed the ball rotation problem in Week 3!

I really enjoyed this class! Well done, Brandon, you did an amzing job putting it all together. 




    ||    WEEK 3   ||


BreakOut was a fun project to tackle. At first, I wanted to make a character and stage in Maya like Kalonica, but I couldn't think of a fun and easy theme, so I just went with the basic Breakout style.

I created three levels, each slightly more difficult and added a pause mode.

Issues encountered

It works pretty well, but every now and again, the ball behaves strangely and I'm not sure how to fix it. 

Also, the web player won't initialise the controls until the player clicks the stage. This issue isn't there on the native app build, and I have no idea how to fix it! Brandon?

Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the look and feel of this.


    ||    WEEK 2   ||

Thus Yodelled Zarathustra 

This was going to be an app I originally intended to make in Paul Solt's iPhone app making class on Skillshare called SoundShoot but I was having too much fun with the terrain editor and Playmaker so that this weeks scene became almost purely cinematic rather than interactive. 

 I wanted to create a simple landscape backdrop but 3 hours later, I was still sculpting hills and fiddling with lighting. It's so easy to get completely engrossed in this stuff..a lot of fun!


I'm hugely impressed with Playmaker - it's taken the most intimidating aspect of Unity - the scripting - out and replaced it with an intuitive graphical UI that even luddites like myself can master. There are still things that didn't work as I'd planned - e.g. the cube was supposed to be bright orange and then change its colour to black when clicked, but it just wouldn't do it! I'm also still getting my head around events and how/when to add them. That said, my cube rotates, rescales to the infamous monolith from '2001: A Space Odyssey', the sky and cameras change and it's all timed to Strauss' 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra'.

If you can think of something interactive I could add here, please let me know in the comments :)

  ||    WEEK 1   ||

Kyle the Guardian

I created a scene similar to the one in Brandon's videos and added some other things to it - Kyle, the free Unity robot and lots of particles, plus a JS file from the course which makes Kyle hover up and down (it's a moving platform script, but it works well here).

I added a couple of point lights (pink and yellow), a lime-green spotlight, a red-orange directional light, the sinister skybox and an Apple loop for the Indian percussion.

The light in his hand is a dampened version of 'Sparks' and the crystally vortex is 'Fire1' (both Standard assets under 'Particles'). I replaced the Fire1 particle texture with a snowflake and set the tiling to 1 over 30 for the needle-like boxes and changed the tint colour to aqua.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result. Here's the scene view in Unity

I majored in comparative religion for my BA with a heavy focus on Eastern mystical traditions in Buddhism and Hinduism as well as meditative practices. This was 10 years ago and I haven't been able to use my knowledge in anything practical since, so I'm thinking of incorporating some of it in my games.

Would love to hear some feedback!




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