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Brenda Scott

Photographer & Cellist



Guide to Historic Stagville

Watching the first videos for this class have given me lots of ideas, including:

  1. Quarterly Promo Zine for my photography (particularly useful for the gallery that carries my images)
  2. Some kind of stitched/stapled guide to Historic Stagville
  3. A one-page zine guide to Stagville
  4. Zines for my music students

Since this is my first project, I want to keep it as simple as possible, so that I know I can complete it.  This will also give me practice for future projects.  I think in the future I'll look to MagCloud or Blurb for zine printing, but for now I want to create something I can print myself or using my printing company, Miller's Lab.

If I print myself, I can print up to 13 x 19, and I already have some double-sided paper.  If I use Miller's, I can print 12 x 18 or 8.5 x 11 on double-sided paper.  The smaller size has matte or semi-gloss press paper.  The bigger size uses thicker paper with more options -- but the folding might be more of a problem.

I think for the one-page zine, I will have a map of the site or a poster on the open side, and small images with facts about the site or possibly a tour.  It makes me think I should do 2 versions -- one as a promo for my upcoming museum exhibit, and the other strictly a guide to the site.  I guess I need to brainstorm some more about this. 

My current work is here:


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