Name: GuestBook

Pitch:  The Essential Online Wedding Planner

X for Y: Asana for Weddings


GuestBook.io provides the essential tools for planning a wedding by using technology to take the painful process of wedding planing and make it easy as a one in all platform. GuestBook starts out by providing an easy way to capture, import and organize your guest list. Once your guest list has been built, GuestBook keeping track of RSVPs, meals, gifts and thank yous and provides an easy to use interface to always be organized and up to date. In terms of budgeting and vendor tracking, Guestbook makes it easy to know how much you plan to spend, have spent and still owe for the wedding. One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is the seating chart, but GuestBook provides a simple way to organize and share with family and friends to make sure everyone has a great time at your big event.

Insights / Themes

Many of the wedding tools out there are hard to use and poorly designed

* Create, Organize, Share - Make this process easier when on the go or at home

* Resources - Not just a tool, but provide access to lists, resources and other insights in the process


* Easy to use

* Mobile/Desktop Friendly

* Wedding API - Open Source Framework and databases to share for 3rd party integrations/marketing


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