Guardians Protagonist: Katya Rojarus

Guardians Protagonist: Katya Rojarus - student project

Comprehensive Character Attribute Form


Character Type: Protagonist


Name: Yekaterina “Katya” Rojarus


Goal: Live up to a high standard of duty and honor instilled by her parents through military service.


Flaw: Arrogance; Lack of Self-worth/Insecurity


Age: 26


Sex: F


Height: 5’ 10”


Weight: 135 lbs


Race: Genetically Altered


Hair Color: Dark Blue


Eyes: Red


Grooming: Meticulous upkeep.


Clothing: On duty, strictly regulation and pristine. Off duty, casual or flashy.


Health Issues: None, she rigorously maintains herself in peak fitness for maximum performance.


Physical abilities: Exceptional speed, agility, and strength. Precision marksman and unarmed combat fighter.


Speech (Accent): Subtle upper class Russian accent that becomes more pronounced under stress. Generally speaks using words chosen for efficiency unless accuracy is paramount; well educated.


Parents: Natasha Rojarus (Mother) and Roman Rojarus (Father). Both are elite Russian government agents with extensive genetic enhancements. They were part of a classified breeding program to test the ability to preserve genetic enhancements in the offspring of genetically enhanced parents. Though technically married, the pairing was chosen by the government based on statistical analysis of mental and physical attributes that were likely to produce the desired outcomes for their children to be ideal government agents.


Siblings: None, the aforementioned breeding program only allowed for a single child to reduce costs and waste in the event the experiment failed.



  • Will Jacobs, the leader of her team, “Viper Squad”. In training they bonded over their respective burdens to live up to a family legacy of military service.
  • Natalie Fowler, the tech specialist of her platoon’s second squad, called “Raptor Squad”. Natalie is outgoing and empathetic which makes her friends with just about everyone she meets.
  • Mark Arrus, an infiltration specialist for Raptor, is one of the few people that rival’s Katya’s love of wild parties. The two often team up to ‘raid’ nightclubs and watch each other’s backs in bar brawls.
  • Aloren Razuska, Viper’s heavy weapons expert, relates to Katya’s sense that their life choices were never really their own, and as such Aloren is one of the few people that understands the unique burden that puts on Katya.
  • Hierex Ottoneesh, Viper’s tech expert. Being an expert in his craft, Katya respects the effort Otto puts into honing his skills. Though the two don’t often interact directly off duty, their mutual respect means they will readily come to each other’s aid.


Best Friend: Mark Arrus, his surface level whimsical attitude serves as a desirable counterbalance to her rigid conditioning when she’s too tense or as a magnifier to her own whimsy when she’s relaxed. She can also rely on him to “give it to her straight” when she needs advice and trusts he’ll have her back in a fight.


Least favorite people: Kelly “Angel” Besenti (Raptor’s sniper), not only a professional rival as a fellow sniper, Angel has been elevated to a squad leader. Angel’s equally pristine appearance means she contrasts Katya in two ways. Angel’s “lawful good” mentality makes Katya’s “neutral good” look like a discipline shortfall when Katya takes great pride in discipline. Additionally, Angel has recently been elevated to a squad leader. These two factors allow Katya to feel like others perceive the two as generally the same, but Angel is just a little bit better. Whether or not that’s true, Katya feels like she might be redundant with Angel around which prods sharply at her insecurity.


Enemies: Anyone that threatens her squad or allies. Fiercely loyal, but also professional, few people rank as true “enemies” to Katya, merely transient adversaries.


Pets: None


Residence: Katya lives alone in an apartment near the base her squad deploys from.


Neighborhood: The area is medium density residential made up mostly of other Guardians, support staff, base personnel, and their families. Most notably, the neighborhood is located on a massive artificial ring in orbit around the earth. Though enclosed and engineered to replicate earth-like conditions, it is separate from the world at large and quite literally looks down on it.


Cultural background: Katya was raised in a Russian suburb, again chosen for statistical likelihood of producing an exceptional child. Raised by devoted government agents, she was instilled with a deep sense of nationalist pride, duty, discipline, and sacrifice for a greater good.


Religion: Katya and her parents are not religious and look down on those who are for lacking the strength of will to motivate themselves without appealing to a supernatural power to validate their hopes and excuse their weaknesses.


Memberships: Growing up, Katya involved herself in youth athletic and outdoorsman programs as a supplement to the militaristic upbringing she received from her parents. These club memberships only amplified her competitive spirit and contempt for the incompetent.


Schooling: Katya participated in secular private schooling from K-12 and attended Moscow Higher Military Command School after graduation. She completed two years when her psionics were discovered in her third year requiring her to abandon her schooling to enroll in Guardian training.


Attitude towards school: School was seen and presented as part of her training and as such she approached it with the same sort of dedication, enforced strictly by her parents, as her other training requirements. In high school she developed a rebellious streak. Her high skill level and intelligence allowed her to excel enough that she completed assigned tasks ahead of schedule and started experimenting with using this free time to explore the aspects of youth previously denied to her. This attitude only grew when she left the watchful eyes of her parents and attended a military academy. Surrounded by equally exceptional individuals, many of which did not have her strict discipline, it was easy to find a crowd that passed all the tests and exams with flying colors, but found time to sneak out and get up to mischief as well.


Popularity: Middling popularity. She earned respect and contempt in equal measures for her outstanding academic and athletic performance as well as her appearance. While genetically enhanced humans with exotic appearances were not rare, one as exotic looking as her that was also a standout performer was. Those distinctions earned her plenty of detractors and sycophants.


Mentors: Her parents were central in her life by design and served as her primary source of inspiration and growth. Her arrogance has left her without a true mentor since she entered her rebellious phase.


Heroes: Vladimir Putin (or someone like him) for being strong and willing to toe the line of morality in order to strengthen his nation. Having spent most of her life seeing herself as a future spy or commando for Russia, she identifies with his KGB background and nationalism. Additionally, she sees him as having been critical to rebuilding Russia’s image on the world stage as a power to be feared and respected rather than a defeated rival.


Favorite Sports: Hockey, the balance of agility, toughness, and strategy appealed to her from a young age and there was no shortage of ice in her homeland. Not to mention it’s a sport her country has historically excelled at.


Work experience: Katya’s only job outside of military service was serving fast food in high school. She took on the job as a challenge to her discipline in the face of menial and meaningless work while using the income to fund her extracurricular adventures.


Hobbies: Katya would play hockey if the opportunity arose. She also plays violin and piano, but prefers the former since the latter is much harder to carry around and store. Clubbing with her friends is her preferred method of killing time, however.  


Likes: Classical music makes her nostalgic, she enjoys pop and club music for the fun that goes along with them. Though she doesn’t read much anymore, she does enjoy reading history, especially the history of major leaders, strategists, and wars.


Fears: She has no real crippling or unusual phobias, but she does have a particular fear of being burned alive. Secretly, she fears being little more than an expendable tool crafted by an unfeeling government agency and often feels like that’s exactly what she is.


Dreams: Katya is not very forward thinking, but originally her dream was to be a hero of her country that would work in the shadows to ensure its prominence in the world and one day become a prominent leader. However, that dream was dashed after she was put into the Guardians program.


Life Goals: With her original childhood dream dashed, her life goals are no greater than continuing to survive and serve in her unit or some other unit that needs her.


Nervous habits: She balls her hands into tight fists or grips tightly onto her clothes or gear, usually the collar of her jacket, straps of a chest rig, or belt of her pants.


Foibles: Frequent drinking and partying, sometimes accompanied by fighting, brawling, and occasional hookups with bar patrons. While she does her best not to let these habits affect her work, it does make it difficult for her comrades to keep up with her if they are hesitant to match her intensity.


Reasoning Style: Cold and rational. While she’s fully aware of emotional consequences of decision making, she has also been conditioned to shun those considerations as weaknesses. She might fully recognize that a choice she makes will hurt a friend’s feelings, but go with it anyway if it can be justified by achieving some higher tactical or strategic goal. In an extreme case, this could manifest as sacrificing innocent lives to protect the combat effectiveness of her team.


How would Katya’s friends describe her: They would say she is fiercely loyal to her team and unyielding in her drive to achieve her missions, but readily compartmentalizes those qualities to be wild and aloof off duty. The wild contrast between the two makes her friends wonder if she’s ever truly genuine with anyone.


Is your character shy or bold? Bold, definitely bold.


Is your character talkative or taciturn: When entering a new situation, she will take the time to observe and learn the nuances of the environment, but once comfortable she is talkative and active.


What most irritates, embarrasses, or bores your character?  Katya is easily irritated when forced to deal with someone she judges as incompetent. Making any sort of blunder embarrasses her greatly because of the contempt she has for incompetence. Lastly, routine daily activities quickly bore her.


How would your character complete the sentence “My life is ___”: She would say “My life is exciting.”

Other things I thought while filling out this form: As I established more of the details to Katya’s life and personality through this form, I realized a key point to her frame of mind is going to be reconciling the devotion to duty she was raised with and the whimsical wild child she is when she’s on her own time. The two are not completely compatible and finding the balance, or choosing one to sacrifice, will be the inner conflict that leaves her vulnerable to manipulation by the Antagonist.


Character Sketch

Katya Rojarus has lived her life thus far dedicating herself to a life of excellence through military service. Although the discovery of her psionic abilities late in her youth required her to be separated from her childhood friends and family, she carried on that same level of dedication to her newly assigned role as a Guardian. While Katya projects an unwavering confidence in her martial prowess and has proven herself to be ferocious and dependable in combat, she has always secretly held doubts about if this life is the one she wants or is merely the one she was forced into. This insecurity is amplified out of control when she meets a mercenary that encourages her to question her devotion to a cause she was forced into against her will. With her confidence eroded and loyalty wavering, Katya must try to rebuild herself into the person she wishes to be and choose her side in a global conflict.