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Hey Everybody ,

Here is my story. A little background well I was listening to Imagine Dragons, Radioactive and it inspired this little Steampunkish/fantasy story. At first I was thinking a music video. but as I worked on this breakdown more ideas started popping in to my head. the bigger the story (I just Updated the story)


The World is in chaos. The city destroyed, Fires burn with no one to put them out. Aliens have destroyed the planet taken resources and used the people as slaves. those who were still free hide in the remains of the cities, Trying to survive.

a young woman and a girl sit in the remains of an ancient temple. A place where magic was practiced and giant machines guard this world against attack. the two practice magic.

" that's it and focus say the words.... Believe the words"
Flames busts out and a puff of smoke disappears. the young girl looks disappointed.
the older girl looks at the wood and says " Just let go ... it's there within you. your parents had it and so do you!"

"This temple had a Guardian with the right power was to awaken and defend our planet against attack and your family used to controled them and you have this same ability"

A growl can be heard a Cyber-wolf enters ( the Aliens use them to flush out the humans. ) Their are three of them. the young girl runs and the older girl tries to defend her escape using her magic.

The young girl is chased by one of the Cyber-wolves out into the open where aliens capture her
older girl is injured and can't help her.

 She heads back into the temple and thinks . she decides to try and awaken the machine herself. Using all her power... It awakens and she enter the robot and becomes the Guardian.

The Guardian attacks the the aliens caravan freeing the slaves and the young girl and defeating the Aliens. Reuniting the girls.

Aliens reinforcements arrive
interrupting the girls. The older girl in the Guardian fights them but the horde is too great in numbers and they begin to over power her. The young girl see her friend being hurt. and final releases her power. With a huge display of power she destroys the alien horde.

Thanks for looking



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