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Lishen Ye

Adventure Photographer



Guam: Sayaka

I was raised in Guam and left about 4 years ago for high school in Hawaii. One of my graduation gift was a trip to Guam so I used it to explore the places I've never seen before for instagrams and see all my friends before they leave for college. Prior to that, I talked with this girl who's into streetstyle, so I asked if I could do a shoot with her when I'm in Guam and she was down. Guam is a really small island so everywhere had a tropical look to it, but luckily there was an abandoned mansion that gave it an urban look with the graffiti. Although it was trespassing, you gotta do what you gotta do to get the shot! I'm always trying to improve my portrait photography so doing this was very fun. You can only get better in photography and that's why I love it.

Please feel free to give any feedback and hope you like the results! 








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