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Melissa Dow





This is my first real attempt at digital painting like this.  I've been doing 'flat style' coloring for years, so I was a bit nervous to try this out.  I ended up having a lot of fun though!

Two things:

This guy's poor anatomy got a bit out of whack; I became so involved in the painting that I lost a lot of the original drawing around the eyes mostly. (and what is with that insane wrinkle nose?! haha)

I somehow completely missed the very important step of creating the maroon layer beneath the yellow layer.  I went back later and realized I had missed it, and tried to make up for it, but I feel like the colors ended up somewhat on the strange side overall.

I know I still have a bit to do, but I'd love any advice on how to finish this guy up. I really want to do another one, where I can learn from the mistakes I made the first time around and hopefully get better.

Really great class, Hardy!  The tips on rendering eyes was particularly awesome. :)


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